We gather on Sunday Mornings to come home to ourselves, to be supported and sustained, and to invite ourselves into the presence of the Holy. We do so with music, words, ritual, images, and silence. Come and experience the transformative and healing power of beloved community to make meaning, to open our hearts, and to grow our spirits.

Our worship centers around a monthly theme, giving us time to engage with meaningful topics. This year’s themes are:
September: Renewal
October: Deep Listening
November: Healing
December: Stillness
January: Imagination
February: Beloved Community
March: Commitment
April: Becoming
May: Story
June: Play

A typical service includes:

  • Opening Words And Song
  • Lighting of the Chalice— Unitarian Universalists around the country use the flaming chalice as a symbol of our faith, of the power of light to transform the darkness, and the power of love to transform the world.
  • Story for All Ages
  • Offertory— a time of practiced generosity
  • Joys and Sorrows— a contemplative time to listen to the voices of our hearts, to acknowledge the moments of importance to individuals in our community, and to ritually acknowledge events in our own lives.
  • Prayer/Mediation
  • Meditative Musical Interlude
  • Sermon
  • Closing Words and Song



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