Upcoming Services

COVID-19 Update: Worship Services Move Online

Our doors are closed but our hearts are open! In this time of social distancing, we welcome you to participate in all of our worship services via teleconferencing.  For information on how to connect,  please email us during the week at office@swuu.org.

May 2
The Story of SWUU
Rev. Meg Mathieson and Daniel Paxson

Our beautiful building on Royalton Rd was dedicated 10 years ago! All are invited to join us in an online celebration of the SWUU church, gardens, and the stories that got us here.

May 9
The Story of Mom
Rev. Meg Mathieson

Mother’s Day is a mix of joys and sorrows for many of us. Today let’s celebrate the many stories of mothers, whether those stories are of nurturing or of loss. Let us celebrate the incredible diversity of the stories of motherhood in our lives.

May 16
Rewriting Our Stories
Rev. Meg Mathieson

The stories we tell about ourselves shape who we are. Are there stories that are holding you prisoner? Today we will take a look at the stories that we tell about ourselves and look at rewriting our own stories.

May 23
Our Story Books
Jenni Papp, Director of Religious Education

“We do not experience a world and afterward make up stories to understand it. Stories teach us what is real, what is true, and what is possible.” – David Loy.
We were all children once. Some of us have had special children in our lives. We will explore some of the children’s books that have had a special place in our lives and why we all need them.

May 30
The Story of Our Country
Rev. Meg Mathieson

On Memorial Day, let us recall that we all stand on the shoulders of giants. All are welcome to share stories of bravery and sacrifice, whether those stories are about military adventures or simple pleasures.