Upcoming Services

SouthWest UU is Reopening with Hybrid Services

Sunday, August 1, we will resume worship services in our sanctuary. We will be monitoring the Covid statistics on the CDC website weekly and using them to determine our risk level on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being the smallest amount of risk and 5 being the highest level. This scale was developed by our Reopening Task Force and adopted by the Board in July. For each level we have determined what activities we will allow in the church building and what restrictions will be in force.
View the chart for reopening activities and restrictions. For more information, read our complete Reopening Plan.

Aug 1
Communion in Our Community
Rev. Meg Mathieson

The theme of August is “Communion,” and we will be focusing on the connection between communion and our own community, as we slowly open our doors and begin making our way back to communal worship. This Sunday we will share expectations and hopes for our SWUU communing.

Aug 8
World Communion
Rev. Meg Mathieson

What is communion? All are welcome this week as we explore what the word “communion” means in different cultures and contexts. What does “communion” mean for Unitarian Universalists in a pluralist world?

Aug 15

Our service will be led by Gwendolyn Thomas.

August 22
Communing With Mother Earth
Rev. Meg Mathieson

As the light of summer wanes, we find ourselves deeply in communion with our dear Mother Earth. How do we commune with nature? What can we do for our environment, and what does she do for us?