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Date(s) - 6 Dec 2022
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

GCC Action
8712 Quincy Ave
Cleveland, OH 44106

Justice for Our Children: A Public Hearing to End Abuse of Discretionary Youth Bindover

Tuesday, December 6 @ 7pm
Olivet Institutional Baptist Church or Via Zoom

What Is Discretionary Bindover?
In Ohio, a county prosecutor can recommend that a juvenile court judge transfer a youth’s case directly to adult court to be tried and, if the youth is convicted, to be sentenced to an adult prison.

What Are the Negative Effects of Discretionary Youth Bindover?
 Bindover does not reduce crime; it decreases community safety.
 Bindover of youth has serious negative consequences such as increased recidivism and increased chance of suicide.
 Bindover deprives our youth of access to a wide range of rehabilitative services offered by the juvenile court.
What Is the Abuse of Discretionary Bindover in Cuyahoga County?
 Cuyahoga County sends the largest number of Black youth per capita to adult court of any county in Ohio.
 Less than 30% of Cuyahoga County’s population are persons of color; yet 91% of youth bound over to the adult system in our county are Black or Brown.
 Cuyahoga County binds over many more youth than similar urban counties. From 2018-2020, its bindover rate was six times higher than Franklin County and four times higher than Hamilton County. Yet, no policy or plan exists to reduce the practice of bindover in Cuyahoga County.
Why Should You Attend This Public Hearing?
 You will join other members of GCC in publicly calling for an end to abuse of discretionary youth bindover in Cuyahoga County.
 You will hear testimonials from youth who have been bound over about their experiences.
 You will learn about programs and policies that have worked to reduce discretionary bindover in similar urban counties.
 You will hear presentations of recommendations for changes in practice and policy to reduce discretionary youth bindover in Cuyahoga County.

Register here whether you plan to attend in person or via Zoom: