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Sunday Services
10:30 AM

6320 Royalton Rd
North Royalton, Ohio 44133

June 3
Appreciating Wisdom
Rev. Kristen Rohm

Come, bring a flower and a piece of wisdom passed down in your family to share during this intergenerational celebration. We will thank our Religious Exploration leaders and enjoy the uniquely Unitarian Universalist Flower Ceremony.

June 10
Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Rev. Kristen Rohm

This morning we ask what wisdom is, how we know it and what might spur its growth. We’ll
look thru the lens of the Wizard of Oz story to find some collective wisdom from the East and the West.

June 17
Wisdom of the Earth
Rev. Kristen Rohm
There is much to learn from the natural world. How might we lean into the wisdom of the trees,
the waters, the creatures all around us on our spiritual journeys? How might we grow through our mistakes to become wisdom keepers?

June 24
Sophia: Clue to God and the Good Life
 Alan Kolp, Baldwin Wallace University Chair in Faith and Life
Sophia is the Greek word for wisdom. God is Sophia and sophia is the goal of life. While we
need money to live, we need sophia to live well. What is the church’s role in helping people
discover and develop a “philo-sophia,” a philosophy of life?