Upcoming Services

Sunday Services
10:30 AM

6320 Royalton Rd
North Royalton, Ohio 44133

January 6
Graceful Beginnings
Led by Rev. Kristen Rohm

We begin the New Year with our Burning Bowl service where we name what we’re ready to
release from the year past and then set intentions for the year ahead. Join in beloved community to start the year off with grace and with a little fire.
Worship Associate: Ken Ellis

January 13
The Cup of Our Life
Led by Rev. Kristen Rohm

Grace is a mystery that encourages us to see the glass half full rather than half empty. This morning we ask how do we meet life, how do we see ourselves and our world. Come as we explore the gifts of ease and fluidity. Stay after the service for a Conversation on Race as we gently explore what it means to be white.
Worship Associate: Leslie VanKuren

January 20
Grace in the Ordinary
Led by Rev. Kristen Rohm

So often we think that the best and most important things come with fireworks. What might we be missing by seeking the extraordinary? What might we find in the everyday moments of our lives? A Chalice Blessing will be part of the service, bring your chalice from home.
Worship Associate: Dan Paxson

January 27
What Do UUs Believe?
Led by Michelle Ma, Ministerial Intern, West Shore UU Church

Ever struggled to explain who Unitarian Universalists are and what we believe? Or maybe you’ve
heard that “Unitarian Universalism is the faith where you can believe whatever you want.” Guest speaker Michelle Ma suggests that that’s maybe not quite true, and furthermore will help you craft an “elevator speech” to explain who UUs are and what we believe.
Worship Associate: Mark Jackson