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Sunday Services
10:30 AM

6320 Royalton Rd
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Sunday, April 1
Celebration of Life
Rev. Kristen Rohm
Come celebrate Easter in community as we explore how we as Unitarian Universalists might experience this day’s meaning.  Our theme of Transformation will help us harvest seeds of hope and rebirth after loss with the ancient story of resurrection.


Sunday, April 8
The Hero’s Journey
Rev. Kristen Rohm
One way to understand transformation is to see it as the journey we are all on to grow our spirits, to deeply engage our humanity, to learn to live fully.  Join us as we explore the nature of such deep change.


Sunday, April 15*
Putting God Second
Rev. Tim Temerson
Unitarian Universalism has had a complex and evolving relationship with the idea of God. While both sides of our tradition began with very clear conceptions of God, Unitarian Universalists embrace a wide range of theological beliefs. Today we will explore our theological diversity and pay special attention to the connection between belief and action, deeds and creeds, in Unitarian Universalism and other religious traditions.

*This week Rev. Tim and Rev. Kristen will be doing our third pulpit exchange, he will be here with you and I will be with the Akron congregation.

April 22
The Future is Now
Led by the youth-aged members of our SWUU community
Please join the SWUU youth worship team as they lead our service on this day. The ideas and faith they will share with the congregation will no doubt show us again how our faith is being passed on to the future.

April 29
The Seventh Principle: Saving the Web
Led by Worship Team members Adrienne Ellis, Mark Jackson, and Mike Gold
Have you heard of Juliana v. The United States? 21 kids are in the process of suing the government for not doing enough to stop climate change so that they and future generations can have a future. As a follow-up to Earth Day, we look at that case, how we are all connected to each other and the earth, why it matters, and what we can do.