Upcoming Services

Sept 1
Who Are We?
Rev. Megan Mathieson

The theme for the month is Covenant. Today, as we reflect on Labor Day, we remember and honor Unitarian and Universalist participation in the Labor movement in the United States. Join us as we reflect on what it means to be liberal in an illiberal age, and explore the pitfalls of liberal fundamentalism. What is our inherent, unspoken covenant in this community?

Sept 8
Where Do We Come From?
Rev. Megan  Mathieson

Join us for our Ingathering service as we mark the first Sunday of a new church year. You are encouraged to bring a small vial or jar of water as we celebrate water communion. We will be looking back over the past year and taking stock of all of the lessons we have learned. How has the past year formed us as individuals and as a community? How is this reflected in our covenant?

Sept  15
Where Are We Going?
Rev. Megan Mathieson
We invite you to join us as we dive ever deeper into our monthly theme of Covenant. This week we will look to our ancestors in faith. Ancient peoples revered a female deity; how do these ancient faith traditions impact our beliefs and our shared covenant today?

September 22
Finding a Story Worth Living
Led by Rev. John Gordon, Baldwin Wallace University Chaplain
All of us are formed by multiple stories. The stories we allow to guide our lives make all the
difference as to whether we’re creating a truly good life for ourselves and others or one of
superficiality and harm. Discerning the difference is crucial!

Sept 29
Creating a New Covenant
Rev. Megan Mathieson
On this Rosh Hashanah, we recognize the Jewish New Year and begin to prepare ourselves for Yom Kippur, the high Jewish holy day. We look to the feminine saints of all traditions, especially Hebrew and Sufi holy women. What can holy women teach us all about covenant