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Sunday Services
10:30 AM

6320 Royalton Rd
North Royalton, Ohio 44133

October 1
Seeking and Surprised
We begin our month long exploration of beauty; asking what it is, what is gives us and what it asks of us. May we all begin to look for and even create beauty in unexpected and surprising places.
Led by Rev Kristen Rohm
Worship Associate: Adrienne Ellis

October 8
Walk in Beauty
This week we draw on Native American spiritual practices of living in harmony. We honor the natural world for all it teaches us about beauty and for all the wonder if brings us.
-Led by Rev. Kristen Rohm
Worship Associate: Mike Gold

October 15
Living with a Courageous Heart
We hear about heroic journeys and maybe find ourselves wondering if our stories live up to that idea. We will be taking a journey into our own hearts and lives. In the face of all the challenges we all face every day – from the simple to the global – how and where do we find what it takes to make it through the days?
-Led by Kristina Spaude, UU Ministerial Candidate
Worship Associate: Ted Macosko

October 22
The Beauty of the Moment
We have been told, enjoy the moment, be in the moment. But what does “Beauty in the moment” mean? We will explore what it means to be in the moment with beauty and how that can fill lives with inspiration and peace and at times a new sense of purpose and meaning. Join me on our journey together.
-Led by Rev. Dave Clements, Interim Minister, Cape Town, South Africa Congregation
Worship Associate: Bruce Melville

October 29
Sing the Body Electric
Join us as we celebrate the beauty in every human body, setting down expectations of perfection for ourselves and others. As we find the spiritual grounding for this appreciation we are called to spread beauty and justice.
-Led by Rev. Kristen Rohm
Worship Associate: Leslie Van Kuren