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Sunday Services
10:30 AM

6320 Royalton Rd
North Royalton, Ohio 44133


June 4
Reason in the Face of Injustice: A Unitarian Universalist Response

As the theme for June here at South West Unitarian Universalist Church is “reason”, Rev Chris Long will be joining us to explore what our deep theological and founding belief in the use of reason may mean to engage the spiritual/religious questions of today, especially in a country and world where “facts”, “science” and the belief of serving each other, nature and the planet are in great peril. What do the forebears of our theological heritage and our contemporary Principles and Sources, grounded in the use reason, provide us that might help us as we navigate our lives as Unitarian Universalist, especially now?
-Led by Rev. Chris Long
Worship Associate: Mark Jackson

June 11
Questions and Flowers

We are a people who welcome questions and who run our beliefs through the fire of our thoughts and experiences. On this day we explore reason and reverence and enjoy our annual Flower Ceremony. Bring a flower to share. Annual Congregational Meeting to follow the service.
-Led by Rev. Kristen Rohm
Worship Associate: Ted Macosko

June 18
Discovering Truth

From Buddha to the humanists among us, we delve into the history of using our ability to reason to make sense of our world and our religious beliefs. Come join us on the path of discovery. Ellen Hansen-Ellis’ last Sunday as our Music Director, a pot-luck celebration will follow the service.
-Led by Rev. Kristen Rohm
Worship Associate: Adrienne Ellis

June 25
Summer Solstice Celebration

Join Eve Dilport, Bruce Melville and Leslie VanKuren in exploring three different perspectives of the Summer Solstice. In addition, there will be a drumming, ritualistic prayer and chants that coincide with this Pagan Holiday which marks the longest day of the year.
-Led by Leslie VanKuren, Eve Dilport, and Bruce Melville