Upcoming Services

July 7
Cisgender People Trying to Be Transgender Allies
Led by Andrew Franz, Ministerial Intern, UU Fellowship of Wayne County

This spring, an article about transgender issues was published in the UU World magazine by a wel lmeaning cisgender woman. The article prompted immediate criticism from the trans community, resulting in apologies from the magazine’s editor and the UUA president. What can we learn from this about transgender issues, about trying to be an ally, and about accountability in a faith community? Guest speaker Andrew Frantz is a cisgender man who has made lots of mistakes trying to be an ally to people with marginalized identities.
Worship Associate: Leslie Van Kuren

July 14
From Grass Roots to Fungal Networks
Led by Rev. Renee Ruchotzke,
Primary Contact for the Central East Region’s Congregational Life
Using what she learned on her sabbatical about Permaculture, our UUA Primary Contact will share her insights about how lessons from nature can inform how we
can live out our vision of Beloved Community.
Worship Associate: Deb Celinski

July 21
You Belong Here
Led by Nickie J. Antonio, Ohio State Senator, member of Westshore UU Church

Many of us have questioned sometime in our lives, our purpose and/or where it is we find ourselves at the moment. Will I be accepted where I am? Do I really belong here? Is this the best place to be to make a difference, or is there somewhere better? Ms. Antonio will reflect on the times she has pondered these questions and will offer insights into where she finds affirmation and inspiration.
Worship Associate: Mike Gold

July 28
The Religious Responsibility of Free Speech
Led by Andrew Franz, Ministerial Intern, UU Fellowship of Wayne County
In the age of fake news and information overload, what are the limits and responsibilities of free speech among friends? …at church? …on social media? In each setting the guidelines and consequences may be different. The UU principle of justice, equity and compassion in human relations is important to consider in our approach to free speech as a religious community.
Worship Associate: Simi Jackson