Upcoming Services


 March 3
Our Truth: Tales of Companionship
Worship will be led by youth Joy Haugland, Sean Jackson, Jaret Gold, and Simi Jackson. Their thoughts on partners, friends, family, and pets will speak to the truth of our human need for companionship.
-Led by SWUU’s Mighty Youth
Worship Associate: Rev. Kristen Rohm
Focus Collection: Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio

 March 10
Search for Truth and Meaning
Our Unitarian Universalist faith places a strong value on seeking truth. We also enjoy a generous understanding of what religious truth might mean. Come share this exploration of the values and beliefs that ground us.
-Led by Rev. Kristen Rohm
Worship Associate: Adrienne Ellis

March 17
Truth and Consequences
We all agree that telling the truth is the right thing to do. But is it ever permissible to withhold the truth, or shade the truth, or outright lie? What are the circumstances when this would be acceptable? What are the limitations on doing so and what are the ethical considerations that must be taken into account?
-Led by Rabbi Edward Sukol, The Shul, Cleveland’s Open Synagogue
Worship Associate: Mike Gold

March 24
The Power of Words
We learn about and practice honesty, truth telling and little white lies throughout our lives. This morning we look at the Eastern guidelines of Ahimsa, Satya and Asteya to help craft a peaceful, ethical and authentic life.
-Led by Rev. Kristen Rohm
Worship Associate: Mark Jackson

March 31
Saying Goodbye Well
This sermon topic, purchased by Deb Celinski at our Service Auction is timely and important for us all to consider. Come and let us explore what we need to do a good job with saying goodbye to each other.-Led by Rev. Kristen Rohm
Worship Associate: Leslie VanKuren