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COVID-19 Update: Worship Services Move Online

Our doors are closed but our hearts are open! In this time of social distancing, we welcome you to participate in all of our worship services via teleconferencing.  For information on how to connect,  please email us during the week at office@swuu.org.

April 4
Becoming Ourselves
Rev. Meg Mathieson

For Christians, Easter Sunday is a day of celebration of that which has been given a second chance at life, or resurrected. Today let’s celebrate our own personal resurrections as we move into a hopeful future.

April 11
Becoming and Change
Rev. Meg Mathieson

Unitarian Universalists claim to be part of a “living” faith, meaning that we are open to change and progress. Today we look at some of the changes that we are facing as our faith moves toward the future.

April 18
What is the Earth Becoming?
Rev. Meg Mathieson

In a month with the theme of “Becoming,” we pause today to consider our dear Mother Earth and what our actions are encouraging her to become.

April 25
Unitarian Universalists of Tomorrow
Matthew Pargeter-Villareal, M.Div.

Join Matthew Pargeter-Villarreal for a reflection on his time in youth and young adult ministry—and how young people have a lot to show us about overcoming incredible odds and moving our denomination forward into the years to come.