Elementary – Kindergarten to 3rd

Elementary – Kindergarten to 3rd

Fair, Just, and Peaceful
We will spend our time exploring our 6th UU principle, “The Goal of World Community with Peace, Liberty and Justice for all.” In the Rainbow of Promises, it is the Indigo Promise: Insist on a Fair, Just and Peaceful World. The learning and activities are broken into six areas:

  • We want Peace, Each person is different, matters, and deserves to be treated and treat others fairly and kindly.

  • Ways we are Different, There are many ways in which we can be (and are) different from each other.  Learning about these differences and accepting them and each other can help us to grow.

  • Right Relationships, We can choose to be in right relationship with ourselves and each other.

  • Is that Fair? People often treat each other unfairly based on how they are different from each other.  Learning about discrimination prepares us to act for change.

  • Freedom for All, Freedom requires all of us to cooperate and to work for the freedom of people who may be different from us.

  • Justice; Not Just Us.- As Unitarian Universalists we need to make a difference in our congregation, community, country, world, and/or on our planet.

We will focus on drama education techniques as the main vehicle for learning. These activities can include anything which engages the body, voice and imagination. This format can help incorporate many different learning styles and abilities.

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