At  SouthWest, you will find a warm welcome.  Your questions, your search for meaning, your desirimg_3633_crope for community– all are welcome here. We come together with diverse personal beliefs about the sacred. We are united by our desire to grow spiritually, to create a more fair and just world, and to lead lives of meaning and purpose.

Join in our Sunday morning worship and be invited into the presence of the Holy. Join in our Social Justice activities and make a difference  in Greater Cleveland and beyond.  Join in one of our many Small Groups and find company on your spiritual journey. Bring all of yourself, just as you are right now, and find acceptance and transformation. We can’t wait to get to know you!

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Feb. 25th
Change Our Words, Change the World
Led by Rev. Joan Van Becelaere, Executive Director,
UUA Congregational Life Consultant, UU Justice Ohio

There is power in our words and our stories. Our words can tear down and destroy, or they can impart grace and hope to support all who hear them.We have a choice of which kinds of words to use and which kinds of stories to tell as we speak with to our spouses, children, colleagues, and strangers. Destructive language can damage lives.Grace-filled language can transform lives for the good. How can we use the power of words wisely?


February Focus Collection: The Promise and the Practice of our Faith
Campaign to Support Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism

What is ‘The Promise & the Practice’?

It’s a turning moment; a choice to listen deeply to the stories in our movement that have not
been heard, and taken to heart, by all Unitarian Universalists. It’s a lamenting of what our
Unitarian Universalist tradition and congregations have lost by being unable – or unwilling – to
center people of color (or even, at times, to merely include them). The Promise and the Practice
is a celebration of our shared commitment to live into a new chapter in the story of our UU faith.

Finally, we ask that The Promise and The Practice be grounded in the opportunity for every
Unitarian Universalist congregation to align its finances with our theology, and to pledge at least
$10 per member to this campaign. All gifts are needed, and every gift is appreciated. If your
congregation is able to reach the threshold of $10 per member, Black Lives of UU (BLUU) will
receive a dollar for dollar match for your contribution. Together, we’re striving to fulfill this one
million dollar match opportunity.

In October 2016 the UUA Board of Trustees made a bold commitment to fund black leaders
in Unitarian Universalism to support ministry to black-identified Unitarian Universalists.
The Board’s decision reflects an understanding that in the late 1960s, Unitarian
Universalism was asked to take steps to address the silencing and marginalization of Black
Unitarian Universalists. Though there was an initial affirmation of this commitment, the
commitment went unfulfilled and the promise was broken.

More than 45 years later, the UUA Board of Trustees moved to fulfill those broken
promises with a financial commitment to Black Unitarian Universalists. The Board made this
commitment with the understanding that it is for Black Unitarian Universalists to determine for
themselves what is needed and how it will be accomplished.
Please see the UUA website for more information:

Welcoming Congregation

SouthWest Unitarian Universalist Church is an LGBTQ  Welcoming Congregation, as described by the national Unitarian Universalist Association. Read more on our Welcoming Congregation Page.




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