Sunday Services

 10:30 AM

April 20
Easter, The Season of Rebirth

For Unitarian Universalists, Easter is a time of reflection upon opportunities for renewal. We will explore the use of the egg in both Judaism and Christianity as a representation of rebirth and adapt this symbol in a ritual of renewal for ourselves.

-Led by Christie Anderson, Commissioned Lay Leader, UU Church of Kent, Guest in Your Pulpit Speaker



Kristen-220Meet Rev. Kristen Rohm!

The Ministerial Search Committee of Southwest UU Church is thrilled to present the committee’s unanimous choice as our candidate for minister of SWUU.  She is the Rev. Kristen Rohm.  Candidating Week for Rev. Rohm will be May 4 through May 11, 2014.

Rev Rohm is a graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School.  She currently serves as the Interim Minister of the UU Church of Santa Paula in California.  She started this position in January 2013 and will finish serving there this June.  Read more…



We are a congregation of free faith and religious diversity. We meet to celebrate the miracle of our being and the wonder and mystery of our universe. We seek to provide a caring, accepting community which supports ongoing individual and spiritual growth. We strive to live our values, accepting our individual responsibility to be active in environmental and social concerns in our church, community, and world. And because we share these values, we include the voices and dreams of all who choose to gather with us.

 We are a Welcoming Congregation




Social Justice Focus for April: Urban Hope


Urban Hope is a Unitarian Universalist lay-led community with a drop-in program based in the Catholic Worker Storefront at 4241 Lorain Avenue.  They meet nearly every Sunday afternoon, except in August. Urban Hope’s guests include mainly homeless men from the neighborhood, but also women- sometimes with their children. They come with a variety of life issues.

The program includes a monthly community meal and a healthy snacks initiative. Referrals to community services are available.

SouthWest UUC provides the meal in October and April and snacks every second Sunday of the month. We are represented on the Urban Hope Steering Committee.

SWUUC’s support of Urban Hope may not change the world, but it makes a difference for those guests who find a welcoming presence in a modest little storefront on a Sunday afternoon.

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